Dr. Solodyna and Ms. Conover accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) HMO, PPO, and Indemnity plans, as well as other PPO and POS insurance plans. If you have a PPO or POS plan, you likely have some out-of-network (OON) benefits.  Please review your OON mental health benefits to get an estimate of what amount or percentage may be reimbursed for a PsyD/PhD-level clinical psychologist or LICSW/LMHC-level therapist providing weekly psychotherapy (CPT codes 90791, 90834, 90836, or 90847).  PPO or POS plans with OON often reimburse from 50% to 80% of the allowable charge.  Allowable charges generally range from $70- 120 for weekly psychotherapy.  HMOs do not reimburse for OON services.

Please determine whether or not you have an initial deductible and your maximum out-of-pocket costs.  If you would like to use your PPO or POS plan, MCG can provide you with an itemized statement including all requisite information an insurance company requires you in order to request reimbursement. That is, an itemized list of CPT codes and charges, as well as the provider's license number, NPI number, and tax ID.


Dr. Creedon is not presently contracted with insurance companies and accepts cash and check only. She does accept PPOs and can provide you with an itemized statement that includes all the necessary information an insurance company requires in order for you to independently file for reimbursement.  All fees are due at the time of each session. 

Fixed Fee Evaluations

MCG offers fixed fee evaluations for those who would like a "rapid report" (typically 2-3 weeks, start to finish, regardless of insurance) and those who have other insurances.  MCG offers three types of fixed fee evaluations: (1) $3,000 for a comprehensive neuropsychological or psychological evaluation; (2) $1,500 for an AD/HD, dyslexia, academic resource center, or personality evaluations; (3) $1,000 for intellectual testing only (often required by private and independent schools for admission) and second opinions on evaluations done by other, non-affiliated providers.


Copays and all other fees are due at the time services are rendered, unless otherwise stated.  Dr. Solodyna and Ms. Conover accept all forms of payment, including cash, check, credit card (VS/MC/DV/AMEX), and health savings/flexible spending accounts (HSA/FSA).  They can also provide a monthly statement of account indicating all fees charged and payments received.  Please request directly if you would like a monthly statement.