Consultation Services

At MCG, we provide consultation services that apply and extend our specialized psychological knowledge to problems involving human behavior in various areas, such as the psychological aspects of your work setting. Our consultation provides technical assistance to individuals, agencies, universities, and other types of organizations. Think of us as advisors: like everything we do at MCG, we will help you, support you, and guide you, but you are the one making and executing all the decisions.  The measure of success with MCG’s consultation services is efficiency and effectiveness. 

Those who seek MCG’s consultation are looking to increase knowledge, skills, confidence, and/or objectivity.  We offer a number of different workshops and trainings tailored to your needs. MCG’s goal is to facilitate learning, flexibility (and fun), and empowerment to enable you to be more effective in everyday life. We collaborate with you to design exactly what you need, or you can take part in one of our regularly offered training experiences on the following topics:

Proactive Parenting Skills Group assists parents in navigating parenthood with a focus on their specific goals.  This workshop is useful to parents: who are concerned about and need help changing their child’s behavior; who are working to foster greater independence in their teen; who are working to find the balance between being close to their children and also setting appropriate limit; and, to help partners collaborate in making and implementing unified parenting decisions.

Relationship Skills Group provides participants an opportunity to explore and appropriately address interpersonal conflicts, communication difficulties, and negative relational patterns. This group empowers you with skills necessary to overcome a wide variety of challenging social situations and the ability to identify, communicate, and address your emotional needs.

Workplace Stress Management Training assists professionals and businesses deal effectively with workplace stress. Stress may be associated with the work itself, conditions based in the corporate culture, or interpersonal conflicts.  Specific topics germane to your company will be identified in collaboration with MCG. 

Occupational Mindfulness Training assists professionals and businesses cut through discursiveness, distraction, and helps us focus on what really matters. Mindfulness is a natural process that has garnered a lot of societal attention in the past decade.  Unfortunately, so has a lot of misinformation about what mindfulness is.  MCG will clarify what mindfulness is, is not, and how you can access mindfulness today.   

Supervision and Professional Consulting provides those seeking licensure as a mental health clinician (seeking LMHC, LICSW, PhD, PsyD) and fellow peer professionals (currently licensed mental health providers) with individualized supervision and training in several evidence-based treatments: Motivational Interviewing, ERP, CPT, CBT, Prolonged Exposure, CBT for Anxiety and Mood Disorders, and Parent Management Training.