Clinical Services - Process

In our experience, many people seek psychotherapy (therapy) to address difficulties they are having that cause them distress. Other times, they seek therapy to help sort out problems they are experiencing with people in their lives.  For most, the goal of therapy is to reduce or, if possible, eliminate these difficulties.       

At MCG, we believe that therapy is a collaborative process.  We work hard to create a safe environment and earn your trust.  It is our desire to be of benefit to you in therapy, helping you gain awareness, access your internal resources and strengths, and make meaningful changes in your life.  The relationships we create with our patients help them to reach their goals, heal where needed, and empower them to excel in their lives.

We expect and want you to work as hard as you can with your issues of concern. We will be here to help you, support you, and guide you. Ultimately, you are the one driving.

Finally, we want therapy to be not only about correcting problems, but also about identifying and strengthening what you already do and have done well in your life.  Our patients tell us that they feel that therapy with us has empowered them and improved their quality of life.  We will offer you the most effective treatments available so that you may experience that too. 

Psychotherapy encompasses a range of techniques for the treatment of mental, emotional, behavioral, and relational disturbances and disorders using psychological methods. Psychotherapy is delivered in multiple formats, ranging from individuals (adults, adolescents, children) to couples and families.  Each psychotherapy treatment emphasizes the relationship between the patient and therapist, and active commitment and engagement by the patient in their treatment to address relevant problems.

At MCG, we employ psychotherapy treatments that have been rigorously tested and backed by science.  That is, evidence-based psychological services.  Furthermore, these treatments are continually being evaluated to determine their effectiveness for treating specific and wide-ranging mental health problems.  In general, we use a specialty model at MCG, whereby a patient's needs are matched with clinical expertise and evidence-based treatment(s).  This may include simultaneous treatment interventions (e.g. psychotherapy in conjunction with medication), sequential psychological treatments (e.g. treating depression prior to treating a phobia), or a referral to a more appropriate clinician to treat the presenting issue. 

Each patient receives a thoughtful, thorough, and timely diagnostic assessment of your presenting concerns.  We will share our clinical opinion based on the assessment we conduct, and collaborate with you to jointly determine the most appropriate way for you to take action.  Each treatment plan is tailor-made so that you are sure to receive the most appropriate treatment for your uniqueconcerns.